k the Power of Mystery Shopping 
 and Discover your Moments of Truth

Join the 1st Retail Industry Mystery Shopping Program, the first of its kind in the    Philippines brought to you by The Philippine Retailers Association and  SatisFIND®.

Each PRA RetailFIND report is an in-depth evaluation of your store personnel’s service  delivery and selling skills. The reports are confidential and only you will have access to  your own store’s reports. Only aggregated industry scores will be compiled for PRA’s use and the members availing of RetailFIND. 
We are accepting subscriptions from March 19 to April 19, 2019
The mystery shopping visit at your store will be scheduled within 10 days from receipt of your payment.  You will receive the report within 5 days from the visit schedule.


Who evaluates the experience is critical in the success of a mystery shopping program. We only work with real customers at SatisFIND® and every project is matched with mystery shoppers that fit the target market profile of the brand. 


The SatisFIND® Mystery Shoppers are not auditors with an agenda to find fault. They are real people just like the rest of the customers who walk inside your establishment everyday. The only difference is they let you inside their hearts and minds through the stories they share. This is why your employees can trust the feedback we provide.


Strong brands that endure the test of time are consistently excellent in what they do. When we develop a culture that embraces feedback, our people learn to take ownership of the successes and the failures. Where there is shared accountability, there is clarity on the goal to be consistently great.   

What is Mystery Shopping?

  • It is an effective methodology started in the 1940s to gather comprehensive feedback on operations, product and service delivery affecting the customer experience.
  • The Mystery Shopper is a real customer who visits or contacts the establishment unannounced and unidentified to evaluate the experience based on the standards the brand has set and what it expects from their frontliners to deliver.
  • Mystery Shopping evaluates your brand’s  CONSISTENCY in delivering the intended customer experience. It’s not about getting it right once but getting it right everytime.
  • Mystery Shopping that is relevant today goes beyond the typical audit mindset. It is no longer about finding fault but unlocking the customer experience so you can recognize your team’s strengths while taking action on the service and operational gaps.

Benefits of subscribing to RetailFIND

Secure access to your mystery shopping reports

Your stores' mystery shopping reports are confidential and only you will have access to them.

Exclusive offer for PRA Members

This retail study is exclusive to active members of The Philippine Retailers Association (PRA).  SatisFIND designed a comprehensive Retail Mystery Shopping Questionnaire that will be used for all member subscribing to the program.

Access to the Retail Industry Report

At the end of the program, aggregated industry scores will be analyzed and shared with the subscribers.

The RetailFIND Evaluation Coverage

RetailFIND is a mystery shopping questionnaire designed for the retail industry by SatisFIND Founder, Michelle Perez Patel. It is concise yet comprehensive enough to cover all aspects of the customer experience inside a retail store. Certain items may be marked “not applicable” but there is no customization for RetailFIND.  PRA members may subscribe to this on-demand, with three Pay-as-you-FIND plans.  Should you require a customized mystery shopping program, please contact us at hello@satisfind.com.

Journey Stages Touchpoints
1 Welcome
2 Needs Assessment, Knowledge
3 Suggestive Selling, Product Demo
4 Payment Processing (Plan B/C), Environment, Merchandising
Overall Experience, Commendation,
Net Promoter Score, Suggestions

Plan A 

Php 1,700 + VAT /evaluation

  • Purchase is not required
    Payment processing touchpoints will not be covered in the evaluation  

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Plan B

Php 1,200 + VAT /evaluation

  • Purchase is required
    PRA Member will provide additional cash purchase allowance for the mystery shopper worth  at least P500.00 per store visit
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Plan C

Php 1,400 + VAT /evaluation

  • Purchase is required
    PRA Member will provide  a
  • Gift Certificate for the mystery shopper redeemable at the store to be evaluated, value must be worth at least P500.00 per store visit
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The SatisFIND Advantage


Founded in 2005, SatisFIND connects brands with real customers for in-depth mystery shopping feedback. 

Report turn-around time

Mystery Shoppers are given 24 hours after the visit / call / email to submit the report online. Individual reports can be accessed by the Business User  online with photos related to the mystery shopping evaluation within 5 days from the time of visit. Actionable recommendations are provided at the end of the program.


SatisFIND has a community of mystery shoppers in the Philippines, India, Middle East and Europe.  SatisFIND currently has offices in the Philippines, Singapore and India.
SatisFIND Co-Founders
With over 30 years of combined experience in helping brands transform their business through Mystery Shopping feedback.

Michelle Perez Patel
14 years in Mystery Shopping & Customer Insighting

5 years in Brand Management

                 Kaiz Lim Patel 
    18 years in Mystery Shopping 
    14 years in Hospitality and F&B
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